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Chairman:: Drs. W. van Laar. In 1989 he was invited to join the Board. At that time he was recently back from Chile, where he worked from 1983-1988 in the Mission. ‘My knowledge of the Spanish language, and my interest in the Spanish world and churches in it, made me react positively. As a secretary with special consignment since 1994 at the Dutch Mission Council (Nederlandse Zendingsraad), which unites many churches and Missionary organisations, with an emphasis on Mission in Europe, I feel attracted to the goal and work of the foundation 'Evangelie in Spanje'. (Gospel in Spain). Since summer 1998 I took over from the rev. Voerman as a chairman. Since 2004 rev. Van Laar is director of the NZR. 

Treasurer: G.B. van Delft RA Since 1993 highly valued as member of the board. From his home base in his church in Zeist he is attracted to the international tasks of the churches. With great drive and accuracy he keeps the board on the right tracks in practical matters. 
A man of few words, but his deeds speak for him!

Vice chairman, and more than 30 years member of the board, mostly as chairman, is the rev. mr. A.A.A.E.A. Voerman. His connections with Spain date back from 1954, when he was sent as a fraternal worker to Spain, where he worked as director and professor at the Theological Seminary in Madrid, where many a pastor of the Protestant Churches in Spain was taught. After Franco closed the Seminary, and the private teaching he kept up illegally proved too risky, he had to go back, but he kept ever after close relations with the churches and the people in Spain, partly by way of the Gospel in Spain.  

rev. Philippe Fromont

The Rev. Ph. Fromont has been member of the board since 26 - 5- 1998 as a pastor of the French Speaking Eglise Wallonne in Amsterdam. In 2004 he left in order to be a pastor in Mons, in the South of Belgium, his natal ground. His interest in South Europe comes from his connections as a Chairman with the 'Comité Vaudois', which seeks to further the cause of the Protestants in (Northern) Italy. So he is our contact for France, Italy and Spain.   

The secretary of the board is since 25-5-98 mrs. G.A. Voerman - van Haselen, by her marriage since long related to the foundation, when her husband was chairman. She assisted him in the latter years in the publication of our Bulletin.
She brings some theological knowledge and love for the Spanish Protestants - and masters this website (more or less.) At least: she is responsible for it!

We still look for members able and willing to participate in the board, from all Protestant Churches and traditions! Knowledge of the Spanish language helps a lot. And love for the Cause too. So... if you are interested, just contact us. Geertebolwerk 25  3511 XA Utrecht! or mail to info @

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