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This is a web page about people with guts and love. People in The Netherlands and in Spain, who are not ashamed of the Gospel. People who, throughout centuries, have built bridges, and liens that grow from respect and self esteem, love and the insight that today is but a links between yesterday and tomorrow. It is about people, who live in and on the Gospel, and who take it as a compass in their choices in life. In their daily life, in their encounters with others, in their view on the world... Because they know that God chooses for people. 


This logo is part of the foundation The Gospel in Spain. (in Dutch: Het Evangelie in Spanje) that through the  board continues the contacts with the Protestants in Spain, which date back from the eighties of the19th century. Those contacts are focused mainly on the two elder Protestant Churches there, that even by law are recognized as 'rooted in the Society': the Iglesia Evangélica Española, or I.E.E. and the Iglesia Española Reformada Episcopal, or I.E.R.E., that is in full communion with the Anglican church. 

The fact, that both these churches are recognized as 'religious entities with a regular place in society' does not at all mean that there are no more problems. Spain continues to be, however secular it seems to be and means to be, basically roman catholic. That is obvious from the mere fact that the government refuses to review the Concordat with the Vatican, that intentionally backs out of the constitution. Since some years many people, and especially left-wings, demand this review, but even in 2001 the ties are strengthened! 
There is officially freedom of religion, but that does not mean any form of equal rights. And certainly no fair deal. On the contrary! The problems are different, are less life-threatening for private persons, but for the churches not less acute, on this very moment.  

Many will know that the Protestants were persecuted until the Reforms of  1978. For more information, click here

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